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Third wave speciality coffee vs authentic Italian

Miko, the award winning coffee specialist and one of the world’s oldest and most renowned coffee roasters has introduced the Portioli range of authentic Italian coffees to the UK market.

Portioli, a fourth generation traditional coffee roaster based in Milan, is one of Italy’s bestselling brands which is active in the home, HORECA and B&I markets and exported to 100 countries around the world.
Each of the five Portioli blends contain a significant percentage of Robusta beans for an added caffeine kick and the crema boosting properties so highly regarded in traditional Italian espresso bars.

According to Jenna Horsnell, marketing manager at Miko, “Although we all love the big fruity flavours that are typical of a third wave speciality coffee, we are also seeing a demand for the more bitter sweet espressos that the Italians do so well.”

Portioli started out in 1958 as a small artisan roaster and although the business has expanded to include a comprehensive product range, their own range of coffee machines, a thriving export market and a training academy it is still very much a family owned operation. The brand heritage is excellent and nobody is more passionate about coffee than the Portioli family.

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