Twice baked, twice the flavour

You might remember that the lovely people at the Italian Beverage Company recently launched the wonderfully moreish and particularly yummy, Simply Wafers, lovely crispy wafers loaded with a super rich cream filling.  Next up is another fresh take on a classic Italian biscuit, a new range of Simply Biscotti.  We think you will love these just as much as we do!

Made in Italy to an authentic recipe and twice baked for extra flavour and crunch, these delicious light and crisp biscuits come studded with almonds or chocolate chips, adding an interesting twist to the traditional treat which Italians enjoy best dunked in a morning espresso or served with Vin Santo.

IBC have done what they do best, taken a classic recipe and updated it for the current UK market. This is an excellent quality product at a great price. Everyone loves Biscotti and the handy design led packaging means that these biscuits are ideal for snacking or sharing and eating in or on the run and very competitively priced to encourage the all-important impulse purchase.

To request a free sample please contact tel 020 873 60455.

Did you know?

The origin of the word, Biscotti (plural form of “biscotto”), is from the medieval Latin word biscoctus, meaning “twice-cooked/baked.” 

 Biscotti biscuits can be traced back to Roman times when these Italian cookies were a convenient food for travellers and popular with the Roman Legion.  The biscotti were baked initially to cook them and then a second time to dry them out completely.  This created a biscuit with a hard and dry texture and a long shelf life which could provide nourishment on long journeys.  No wonder they were loved by Roman foot soldiers.