Kombucha arrives at Lunch

Lunch show at ExCel, London was awash with Kombucha last week.  If, like us, you are slightly confused as to what Kombucha actually is, here’s a quick overview:  Kombucha is a fermented and lightly effervescent functional beverage containing probiotic bacteria, which is particularly beneficial for gut health. Clearly this product is current and on trend, capturing the public’s imagination by tapping into the nation’s interest in health – grab a slice of that market while you can.

Another product category which is also booming is ‘healthy snacking’, with numerous new brands to be seen, all on a variation of nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, raw choc, natural sugars etc, often loaded with added protein.

Thank heavens and to our delight, there was also stand after stand of more indulgent treats, much of which we sampled and captured on film as you can see.

As usual, Lunch was a vibrant and engaging show, and once again, it did not disappoint.