The countdown begins …..


With just a week to go now ’til that most vibrant celebration of all things coffee kicks off at the Old Truman Brewery and we are all getting a tad excited….


There’s loads to see including cupping, roasting and temperature profiling; home barista workshops; sampling ‘Niners’, the nine unique and interesting coffees chosen by Caravan for the Coffee Masters competition.  We’ll also be heading to Allan Reeder (who is providing milk for Coffee Masters) for the strawberries and clotted cream!


But, highlights for us will be:


Rob Ward,  Gruppo Cimbali’s coffee specialist is presenting an intimate whiskey and coffee masterclass in a sensory exploration of flavour and aroma matching.    This immersive experience will pair premium artisan whiskeys with coffees from some of the UK’s most creative roasters and uncover the artistry involved in developing the rich tapestry of flavours within.


Plus, the Italian Beverage Company (IBC) is making its debut at the London Coffee Festival 2017 with the excellent Simply range of delicious flavoured syrups, smoothies, ‘no blender’ frappe liquids, hot chocolates and so much more.  Operators love Simply because there’s no wastage, no prepping in advance, no storing of fresh fruit and no skill required.  Just blend and go, what could be easier?


We may also squeeze in a visit to the Espresso Martini Bar which will be serving Babička original wormwood vodka from the Czech Republic. Babička were wise old women who used wormwood in their potions because of its reputation for enhancing sensuality, creativity and love.  Subsequently they became known for having mystical healing powers and for practising witchcraft. Sounds interesting….


Hope to see you there!