Possibly the best kept secret in the world….

I came across quite a little gem at Casual Dining today,  an international supplier of speciality cresses and micro vegetables, Koppert Cress.

From 1.7 ha of greenhouses in the Netherlands, the company grows and distributes a most incredible range of cresses, the like of which I have never come across before.

No, not the cress that you might remember growing on cotton wool at primary school.  I am talking about the most wonderful collection of the daintiest plants, with exquisite foliage of exotic shapes and colours and some, quite incredibly, with their own natural sparkle or frosting.

What surprised me was the depth of flavour these delicate little seedlings deliver.  From the beetroot flavours and dazzling hue of Scarlett Cress to Affilla which tastes  just like fresh garden peas to the spicy horseradish notes of Zorri  and Shisho Purple with its wonderful cumin overtones.  Some, such as the wheatgrass, not only taste great but have medicinal properties too.

The challenge for Koppert Cress is to educate foodservice professionals in the wide range of culinary uses for these valuable, flavourful ingredients, in both sweet and savoury dishes.

A great range of products which will appeal to creative chefs looking to add interest to the menu with a pop of flavour from a most unexpected source.

Go Koppert Cress!