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The story behind Freehand…

Cornish Coffee, which is a regional division of Miko, one of the world’s oldest coffee roasters has just launched a new artisan coffee blend called Freehand which is the first blend to be hand roasted at the company’s new in house roastery in Redruth, Cornwall.

Freehand logoThe Freehand Hand Roasted range of espresso single estate coffees is a seasonal blend which take drinkers on a journey of discovery spanning Guatemala, Rwanda and South America.  Experience a range of flavours, from soft, blueberry and floral notes to more chocolate and nutty tones, celebrated with the help of non-brand-heavy packaging and eccentric artwork.

To help spread the word about this enticing new blend, Cornish Coffee has produced a wonderfully evocative short film which tells the story behind Freehand – the farmers, the environment, the culture, the people.  Take a look: