The big reveal: The nation’s top ten chocolates

You may well have heard of House of Sarunds, particularly if you are a fan of loose chocolates. You know, the pralines, truffles, wrapped chocolates and dragees from some of Europe’s finest artisan chocolatiers that are sold through in store counters.


Customers hand pick the chocs they would like to buy which are then gift wrapped to order – a fab gift idea.  Next time you visit a specialist gift store, check out the loose chocolate counter, I bet you it will be a Sarunds.


There is no doubt Sarunds are the experts, so we were keen to see the results of some of their recent research into the most popular chocolate flavours. So here it is! The big reveal- the nation’s top 10 all time favourite chocolate flavours:

chocolates, house of sarunds


“It is interesting to see how flavours become accepted over time and with the right exposure. Salted caramel is a fairly new flavour which seems here to stay after cementing its position in the top ten over the past couple of years,” explains Peter Martin, managing director, House of Sarunds.


“Chilli and coffee flavours are becoming more popular as are gin and rum plus cocktails such as mojito. More interesting flavour combos such as rhubarb and ginger and lime and chilli are also creating interest.”